TNT Metabolic Support Pack

Dual pack with CLA and antioxidant support.

CLA 3000


TNT CLA 3000 is double bonded linoleic acid which amplifies muscle repair and improves fat mobilisation.


An omega-6 essential fatty acid that occurs naturally in meat and dairy products. There are various forms of CLA isomers on the market, however TNT has chosen to use the highly biological active Cis9, Trans 11 isomers from LipoToneRX which have been shown to be beneficial in reducing fat stored around the abdomen and upper legs.


The ‘fat burning’ process works by the CLA isomers mobilizing fat stores and encouraging your body to use these stores as energy.


Muscle sparing health and weight loss benefits of the premium quality CLA are widely accepted and include antioxidant and immune enhancing properties.


Mercury CLA 3000 is an ideal body toner ideal for those who cannot use caffeine-based fat burners.


Metabolic +


Green Tea has a multitude of healthy and wellness benefits with Metabolic + containing premium EGCG Green Tea with 95% Polyphenols.


The addition ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid), CoEnzyme Q10 and L-Carnitine provide anti-aging support as well as having been clinically tested as effective fat loss components.


The powerful blend of free radical scavengers clears receptor pathways while Bioperine assists in optimising absorption and transportation. This stimulates metabolic function and assists in the mobilization and reduction of fat in the body.


A sustained exercise and reduced caloric diet plan coupled with Mercury CLA 3000 and Mercury Metabolic + may significantly improve metabolic function, recovery and energy output capacity, providing your body, life and looks the greatest advantage.

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