TNT Joint Armour XT

Combined joint support and multi vitamin product.

TNT Joint Armour XT is a combined joint support and multi vitamin product.


Deepening on the frequency and type of training you do your joints may become painful overtime. Specifically athletes doing heavy weight training are more prone to joint injuries, however it may affect many others.


To prevent any time-off or underperformance joint maintenance is crucial for the longevity of your training. Most importantly is warming up before your workout, using correct form and not going too heavy and stretching after your workout to improve flexibility.


Ingredients in Joint Armour XT have been found to assist joint maintenance which taken on a daily basis may prevent reoccurring pain.


Included is a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral formula designed for hard training athletes who may have additional micronutrient requirements. Joint Armour XT is complete joint and immune support product to assist your fitness goals.


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